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#photographicmemory is a feature in which someone sends in a photo of theirs and writes about it. It was created because sometimes you can find out more about a person by asking them to describe a photo than by asking them a ton of questions. It was also created because it’s nice to look at pretty photos.

Roksanda Ilincic SS14 Show 026This picture is incredibly special to me for many reasons, the primary reason being the fact that when I took it, I was truly, truly happy. And I’m not talking about your average contentment here, I mean actual – someone’s just offered me the entire SS 2014 Christopher Kane collection – kind of bliss. I’ve had a pretty sweet life (especially over the past year) and I’d say I’m a generally happy person, but this was one of those moments when I just had to take a step back and think ‘It doesn’t get much better than this’.

This picture represents the result of a summer of hard work and a lifetime of dreaming. It was taken at London Bridge Quarter at 5.45am on the 16th September, exactly 4 hours before my first ever London Fashion Week show that I had been working towards all summer. It was a really special moment that I got to share with some really special people, and it was something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

And after all, how many people can say that they’ve been up at that time to watch the sun rise over the London skyline?

Holly Wignall

Holly Wignall is a student at Edinburgh University. She studies History and Spanish. She believes that Tom Ford peaked in the 90s and that if Hogwarts existed and she were a witch – she’d have been in Ravenclaw. Part of Holly still believes that Hogwarts exists.

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