If you’re not following us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (shameless plugging is a common feature on PTL), you’re probably yet to meet our team. The team in question is pretty gr8. I use the word ‘gr8’ because we are the youth of today and this is how us street kidz talk. ‘Subway kid rejoice your truth’. Anyway without further ado, here are the people who make Prancing Through LIFE – prance.

On Mondays we wear LIFE:

1964795_10153970788565237_2008866040_n CroppedSam Prance samprance.ptl@outlook.com

Sam is the Editor-in-Chief of PTL. He likes adapting surnames into brand names and pretending to be professional. His possibility model is Janet Mock and he turns to Beyoncé interviews for guidance on the regular. Sam tries to make out that he has his shit together but more often than not can be found crying watching Desperate Housewives reruns. Some episodes are really sad okay.


Khanya Mtshali khanyamtshali.ptl@outlook.com

Khanya Mtshali is the Deputy Editor of PTL. She likes talking about her love for vegan chilli and browsing Solange’s life on Instagreezy. Khanya also enjoys curling up with a good book and watching Come Dine With Me because it makes her feel like a grown-up. When she isn’t attempting to write stuff, she can be found working on a cure for her severe case of resting bitch face.

 On Tuesdays we wear ART & FASHION:


Hannah Beer – hannahbeer.ptl@outlook.com

Hannah is the editor of ART & FASHION at PTL. After moving Milan she feels a lot less qualified to hold this position, but she’s doing the best with her non-Milanese genes. In her spare time, she can be found tending to her fringe, banging on about feminism and trying to find out whether Ruby Rose will return to OITNB. Sometimes all at the same time if she’s had a lot of coffee that day.


Anisha Müller – anishamuller.ptl@outlook.com

Anisha is the Deputy Editor of ART & FASHION at PTL. When she was younger she wanted nothing more than to be a window cleaner, but nowadays she’s content with passing the time with reggae aerobics, making art whilst listening to feminist audiobooks and wishing she could eat peanut butter (bloody allergies). She also quite enjoys this whole writing articles thing.

On Wednesdays we wear LITERATURE:

10616585_10152724640814935_5939165669989502466_n Cropped

Sonia Muhwezi – soniamuhwezi.ptl@outlook.com

Sonia is the Editor of LITERATURE at PTL. She is currently undertaking an MA in Publishing at Kingston University, having graduated from Brighton University with a degree in English Lit & Lang. Education is cool. In other Sonia related info, she can turn any conversation into a game of Six Degrees to Harry Potter and is also a Beyoncé stan. Bow down bitches.

12109070_10153724359799903_2749229820527170654_nEloise Hendy – eloisehendy.ptl@outlook.com

Ella is the Deputy Editor of LITERATURE at PTL. She owns a dog but suspects she is probably more of a cat person. The shame. Ella tries to be a green tea drinking, yoga practicing, artsy kid of girl but often her love for caffeine, white wine, tequila and dodgy mash-ups (Snoog Dogg/Grease anyone?) makes this difficult. But hey, a girl can dream.

On Thursdays we wear FILM, THEATRE & TV:

10251960_10204386361194787_7133064011150806217_n Cropped - copieHannah Oliver – hannaholiver.ptl@outlook.com

Hannah O is the Editor of FILM, THEATRE & TV at PTL. She really likes camera equipment, long words, and anything she can deep fat fry. Do not approach Hannah when she is eating fried food in the early hours; she will be drunk and convinced she knows everything. Elsewise, these days she may be found in Edinburgh University Library with her head in a book – probably Facebook.


Melanie Christie – melaniechristie.ptl@outlook.com

Mel is the Deputy Editor of FILM, THEATRE & TV at PTL. She uses this fact as an excuse to devote her life to Netflix. When Mel actually leaves her flat, she studies English Literature and History chez Edinburgh. She enjoys long walks, good company, and has a profound weakness for chocolate, tea and coffee. Ply her with any of these things, and you will buy her friendship.

On Fridays we wear MUSIC:


James Fyfe – jamesfyfe.ptl@outlook.com

James is the Editor of MUSIC at PTL. Apart from a love of pretty much all things music, he also enjoys watching Question Time on Thursday nights, going out on Fridays and watching as many awful films on Netflix as he can. If James won the lottery, he would create a musical based on the works of Janet Jackson. Expect a lot of the Velvet Rope to feature.

Elizabeth Clarke – elizabethclarke.ptl@outlook.com10958303_932910443388435_357001049_n Cropped

Liz is the Deputy Editor of Music at PTL. She listens to radio podcasts every night to get to sleep and Hip-Hop or Shoegaze are the soundtrack to her everyday life. She endeavours to be as classy and cool as Marion Cotillard but rarely ever manages this. Liz does not enjoy writing a brief summary about herself in the third person but does love using slang she can’t quite pull off.

On weekends we wear whatever the hell we want.

Why walk through life, when you can prance?

The PTL Team

The PTL Team are the collective of professional journalists – bumbling young people – behind all that goes on on Prancing Through LIFE. We’re similar in many ways but different in others. Find us dotted about the site.

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