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#bestinshow is a feature in which Prancing Through LIFE contributors collate their five favourite collections from New York, London, Paris and Milan each season. We could go on about it a bit more but that’s about it really.

1. Hardy Amies

Hardy Amies

Edwin Hardy Amies adopted his mother’s maiden name Hardy in his teens. He claimed this was because his mother inspired him to go into design. Nearly a 100 years later and we have a lot to thank Hardy Amies’ mum for.  Not just for the name Hardy in Hardy Amies but for the fact that she is partly responsible for make Britain’s men more dapper.  A decade after Amies’ death and design director Mehmet Ali continues to do the same.

2. Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton

Seeing as so many male designers specialise in womenswear, it’s always nice to see female designers  do the same in mens and Lou Dalton is doing just that. Since her 2011 debut she has developed her own personal take on male sportswear and SS 2014 sees her integrate that with the classic short suit. Expect the look to file down onto the high-street in tones of rose-pink and beige alike. The rose-pink one is rather lovely.

3. E Tautz

E Tautz

The E Tautz man is the kind of guy who walks with a sense of purpose, a sense of only I can rock this shit. He would gaze upon those around him but he feels no need. After all, they’re not dressed half as well as he is his. The mere thought of someone else pulling of his slouch tuxedo is laughable. That is something only the E Tautz man can do and, among the London menswear output of SS 2014, he and his clothing remain just as alluring.

4. Agi & Sam

Agi & Sam

Having just pulled off a somewhat successful collaboration with the criminally unknown high-street store Topman, Agi & Sam are finally starting to make a name for themselves. And, as their SS 2014 collection proves, these boys are in this for the long haul. Their latest designs demonstrate a stronger sense of a tailoring and this compliments their classic mix of vibrant colours and graphic rather well. Nice job boys.

5. Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum1

You can always rely on Burberry to produce a good snood. Even for SS Burberry are capable of producing a snood both chic and weather suited. This season’s snood in question is one of the mint green variety and features navy blue polka-dots. Gaping great polka dots large enough to captivate both a man, his soul and the contents of his wallet. The rest of the SS 2014 collection is likely to have a similar effect.

So there we have it – five of the best collections at LCM SS2014.

(All images sourced from http://www.vogue.co.uk)

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