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Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus, The Climb. Miley Cyrus, Party In The USA. Miley Cyrus, Can’t Be Tamed. Miley Cyrus, Bangerz.


The year is 2013 and everyone has an opinion on Miley Cyrus.

Cher has an opinion on Miley Cyrus. Stevie Nicks has an opinion on Miley Cyrus. Sinead O’Connor definitely has an opinion on Miley Cyrus. Even Donald Trump has an opinion on Miley Cyrus.

Like her or loathe her, Cyrus is at the forefront of culture today. She is the girl of the moment. She sparks debate over whether her tongue really needs to make an appearance in every single thing she does – the Wrecking Ball video – and, on a more serious note, whether her cultural output degrades women, african americans and those with mental issues alike – that Amanda Bynes tweet.

Today marks the release of her first non disney-affiliated full album.

BANGERZ. What a name.

The Cyrus orientated conversation isn’t going to stop any time soon.

…IT CAN’T STOP. (Oh dear.)

* * *

Throughout history culture has acted as a focal point of conversation. Throughout history culture has offended, amused and inspired humanity and it continues to do so today. From an oscar-winning portrayal of Virginia Woolf by Nicole Kidman in ‘The Hours’ to a retrospective of Soulages’ career at the Pompidou Centre – culture angers and enthrals those who are subject to it. Our response to it characterises us as people. Culture makes us human.

The banner on top of this page is filled with things which culturally inspire me. The moment when Harry Burns declares his love to Sally Albright in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ inspires me. The story of Somni 451 in David Mitchell’s novel, ‘Cloud Atlas’, inspires me. Original Sugababe, Siobhan Donaghy’s second solo album, ‘Ghosts’, inspires me. No – seriously it’s really good.

You, by contrast, may not be inspired by these things. You may scorn ‘When Harry Met Sally’ for being the pioneer of predictable rom-coms. You may consider David Mitchell’s ‘Cloud Atlas’ to be a load of codswallop and the sheer prospect of an original Sugababe solo album may make you feel nauseous.  To be honest if you’re from outside the U.K. you’re probably thinking ‘who-the-fuck-are-the-Sugababes’? (What a question.) Regardless though – these artefacts of culture provoke a reaction in you. They call on you to form an opinion. They call on you to engage with humanity.

Prancing Through LIFE the site/radio show will act as a means to discuss culture in all of its forms. Every week there will be articles and features on art, fashion, film, theatre, television, life, literature and music alike. Not to mention, a radio show on Fridays at 19:00 (GMT). No topic is too big, no topic is too small. Whether it’s a debate on the commercial viability of Beyoncé’s new haircut or a commentary on the lack of diversity on the runway, myself and others will be making our views public via Prancing Through LIFE. We will be putting forth our opinions to be judged, shared, critiqued and hopefully enjoyed.

Should you wish to join in in the conversation please make use of the Facebook commenting box at the end of each article – berate and praise us as you wish – or even email prancingthroughlife@live.com with an idea or article of your own. ‘Prancing Through LIFE’ is a celebration of life and culture and we want you to take part in it.

Like the Facebook page or subscribe via email to stay posted with all of our articles. Expect commentary on the likes of the eternal appeal of Kevin Spacey, the undeniable sass of Naomi Campbell and, of course, the well…something of Miley Cyrus.

Why walk through life when you can prance?

Sam Prance

Sam Prance is the editor of Prancing Through LIFE. He studies French and Italian at Edinburgh University. His favourite film is American Beauty and he has Madonna marathons far too often. He is currently writing this auto-bio in the third person. He will now stop writing this third person auto-bio in order to save himself some embarrassment.

If you’re interested in getting involved with PTL – drop us an email on prancingthroughlife@live.com.