To contribute to PTL you must create a video of yourself prancersising.

Or if that doesn’t take your fancy you can send us an email on

Tell us your name and any other information you wish to divulge about yourself – along with a piece or an idea for a piece. The piece can be on whatever you want – we like to use PTL as a platform to talk about important issues, such as race and gender identity, to gab about the things we love, such as Nicki Minaj and Game of Thrones, and to discuss how important issues, such as race and gender identity, interlink with the things we love, such as Nicki Minaj and Game of Thrones. We also like people to relate what it is they’re writing on to their own personal experiences if appropriate. If you fancy writing for us but are stuck for ideas perhaps have a think of the section you might like to write for and check out the features in that section. Or just email us and we can chat love, life and work something out. It would be great to hear from you.

We also promise as a PTL team to let you read over your pieces before we publish them. We’ll often send back pieces with edits and suggestions as to what you can add to them; the idea being to collaborate and make each piece the best it can be. Any edits or additions we make to your work, however, must be approved by you the writers. It’s your work; you get the final say.

Why walk through life, when you can prance?

The PTL Team

The PTL Team are the collective of professional journalists – bumbling young people – behind all that goes on on Prancing Through LIFE. We’re similar in many ways but different in others. Find us dotted about the site.

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