The Edit: Figgy Guvyer

In #theedit, Features, LIFE by Hannah Oliver

The Edit is Prancing Through LIFE’s first video feature. Brainchild of directing duo Hannah Oliver and Melanie Christie, respective Editors of FILM, THEATRE & TELEVISION, and VIDEO, these courts métrages are not so much interviews as the editing of LIFE’s little anecdotes in an effort to reveal, in part, the personalities lying behind the screen of Prancing Through LIFE.

“You’re reminded, I think because of the internet, that you are very much living in whatever bubble you’re in – at that specific moment.”

Meet Figgy Guvyer, Deputy Editor of ART & FASHION: how to sober up in Edinburgh and the Awful Question to ask a student of English Literature.


Melanie Christie and Hannah Oliver would like to consider themselves an artistic match made in heaven. Among their fans are a small group of middle-aged men who roared that the pair must quit their day jobs when heard drunkenly belting Les Mis in the West End of Edinburgh (yes, that’s most definitely how it went), and also all unfortunates who are forced to share their presence when the two converse exclusively in film quotes. This happens far too often.

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