Kate Moss by Corinne Day – #anotherearthart

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#anotherearthart is a feature in which we get people to tell us which artwork or fashion image they’d choose if they had to leave earth today and go to a brand new world empty of all our art. Would they choose something to comfort themselves or would they choose something to help whatever may live or come to live in this new world?

kate-moss-corinne-day I’d say the foremost thing I’d want to do upon arriving on a new planet would be to convince whatever life force I might find there that I and my kind are alright, as life forces go. This picture of Kate Moss frolicking on the beach looking lovely, taken by Corinne Day, would, I’d imagine, help me in my quest. It goes without saying that Kate looks beautiful here, which would come in handy as she’d therefore make an excellent example of what a human being might look like. But more than that, she looks happy. Really, genuinely happy, which is a quality so rarely captured on film that I don’t think I’d be able to find another piece of art that would showcase the emotion quite as well. For me, that’s what makes this picture so much better than any of the other millions that exist of her. The picture is so happy, so simple and so unique that you couldn’t help but think that human beings were quite nice (and probably quite good fun) upon seeing it for the first time. And of course, you’d also think that all humans potentially look like Kate Moss, which would certainly be an incentive to keep them alive.

Hannah Beer

Hannah Beer is a student at University College London and PTL’s very own #streetstyle photographer. She studies Italian and German. In her spare time Hannah enjoys eating red velvet cupcakes and banging on about feminism. When Hannah grows up she’d like to be Audrey Hepburn – this may prove difficult but let the haters hate. Hannah looks a lot like anyway Audrey Hepburn so she’s half way there.

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(Images sourced from: www.ritournelleblog.com)