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#alternateuniversealbum is a feature in which we get people to tell us which album they’d choose if they had to leave earth today and go to a brand new universe empty of our music. Would they choose something to comfort themselves or would they choose something to help whatever may live or come to live in this new universe.

The Mixtape – Various Artists


If I had to leave earth today and go to some far away place full of nothing I’d ever known, how could I possibly decide what album to bring? Would I want to be reminded of everything I’ve left behind? In this alien place, I think I’d need music that soothes the soul. Songs that understand what it is to be human. While I like some explicit rap or, intense deep house, some of the music synonymous with our generation. I wouldn’t want to wander into uncharted territory to the theme of 50 cent’s In Da Club, or Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe, but I couldn’t possibly choose one album either. I’d have to make a mixtape.

And one probably full of incredibly cheesy classics at that. I would have to include Aaliyah, Rock The Boat; it gets me every time. There would also be some John Mayer to remind of me of lazy warm California summer days, either Vultures, Something’s Missing or Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. Case, Sade, TLC, Soul For Real, Blackstreet, Pharcyde, Donell Jones and Musiq Soulchild would also feature. Because what can I say? I have a weakness for 90s R&B. The sounds from this era are seductive and easily provide the perfect balance between chill out, neo soul and hip hop. I would on this same note also incorporate some Miguel, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill, as well as a little bit of Amy Whinehouse, Bobby Caldwell, Al Green, and Bob Marley Bill Withers’ Just The Two of Us. And let us not forget some Marvin Gaye, Louis Armstrong,  Friendly Fires, The Isley Brothers and of course, The Smiths.

Why so many? Simply because all these artists embrace the misery of love, and the torture of human connection, but ultimately conclude that there is no better pain than the desire to be passionately and amorously alive. The search for soul fulfilment is easily endured to the sounds of their smooth jams, poetic lyrics, and moving melodies. Hope is restored, because a shared discontent is transformed into a universally felt love song. My mixtape would probably come in a three disc volume, if we’re using such antiquated technology that is. After all, if I am going to an alternative universe, it’s probably best to bring a bit of everything. How else will everyone know how eclectic earth is?

Mia Lily Mae

Mia Lily Mae is an English Literature student at the University of Edinburgh. She was born in London but has lived in L.A for most of her life. She’s terrified of the vicious little legs of spiders and has the tendency to start thunderously laughing whenever she’s scared. If you ever happen to find yourself in a haunted house with Mia the combination of her chuckles and the eerie decor will freak you right out of your own skin. You have been warned.

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