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The Times have listed him as a ‘Breaking Act’, the Guardian have featured him in the legendary NBOTW and BBC’s Zane Lowe and Jo Whiley are big fans. He is a charming, handsome and talented New Yorker signed to Glassnote records. I caught up with the new kid on the scene – Tor Miller.

The role of a record label in the music industry is pretty fascinating. How they can shape an artist’s sound over the course of a contract and develop a whole new image for an artist is a strange balance; does the authority of the music industry lie with the management or the artist themselves? The independent label Glassnote Records are a particularly intriguing one. The acts they have signed range from Mumford and Sons with a staple 4AD sound to Childish Gambino with a more urban, Roc Nation vibe and the gritty glaswegian Chvrches. All of these sounds are lined up against this new 21st century crooner, Tor Miller.

EC: You have been signed to the amazing Glassnote Records, are there any other artists on this label who inspire or influence your style in any way? 

TM: I respect a lot of what the bands on the label have done and I’m quite a big Phoenix fan but I can’t really say they had an influence on my music. Their career path, as well as Mumford and Sons’, is the most inspiring to me. 

EC: If not inspired by other acts on the label, who is your biggest musical inspiration?

TM: I would have to say it is David Bowie. Recently though I’ve been into a lot of Tom Waits. 

Zane Lowe unexpectedly played an iPhone recording of one of Tor Miller’s songs on his flagship Radio 1 show, he also later made ‘Hold The Phone’ his Next Hype. He loves Tor Miller’s sound so I wanted to know whether Tor Miller expected to get such a good response from the UK to his music.

EC: People in the UK, including Zane Lowe, are loving your sound for 2015, did you think the UK would be so into your music? 

TM: The UK has more of an openness to new and different types of music. So they seem to be on the pulse of the action. I just don’t think my iPhone recording of a song would have had a chance to air on a large US radio station.

So, having established that the UK is much more current and on point with the latest music trends, I wanted to see if Miller could settle the transatlantic debate on the quality of crowds.

EC: You have visited London a few times now, how do you feel the crowd compares to the New York scene and is it any better? 

TM: I think that in my experience the UK crowd has been more active and interested as to what’s going on in the live scene. So I think that translates into larger and more invested [fans] coming out to gigs.

Miller was studying recorded music at NYU whilst breaking into the New York music scene and getting signed by a major label. It must be hard for a young singer (Miller is just 20 years old) to balance his dreams for musical success whilst also studying what he loves, so I wanted to know what the priority was for Miller.

EC: Are you expecting to return to NYU after your 2 year break? Or is going into music professionally where your heart really lies? 

TM: Music is for sure where I wanna take this train. I don’t see myself going back to school, it would feel like taking two steps back, but I always keep my options open and never burn any bridge. 

Even in this short interview, one gets a real sense of Miller’s dreamy lyricism (‘pulse of the action’, ‘where I wanna take this train’); sometimes verging on corny. However, this cheesiness is easily forgotten when accompanied with his talent on the piano and passionate voice.

One would be hard-pushed to not be moved at all by Tor Miller.

Tor Miller’s debut EP Headlights is out now.

Elizabeth Clarke

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