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#photographicmemory is a feature in which we ask someone to write about a nostalgic photo of themselves. It was created because sometimes you can find out more about a person by asking them to describe a photo than by asking them a ton of questions. It was also created because it’s nice to look at pretty photos.

IMG_6887-001Editor’s note: This isn’t a photo of the writer but due to the content of the piece we considered it worth publishing.

Choosing a nostalgic photo. I thought about playing this cool and picking one that was of me and some famous person – I work in production so I have a mini collection of famous selfies. But that would never suffice. There was only one photo that I could choose and this photo might not mean anything to anyone, and may seem very plain – but it hits every nerve in my body whenever I look at it.

I am a novice photographer, I have all the equipment, just lack the clear knowledge as to how to use it properly. So I just tend to look through the view finder and snap away. This photo of my papa (Rupert) was taken last May (2013) while we visited my Grandparents for Sunday dinner. My papa and grandfather had this unique bond that was more like father and son rather than father-in-law and son-in-law.

That day for whatever reason I decided to take my camera along with me and was fiddling around with the functions while my papa and grandfather had a lengthy conversation about cricket. My dad has this calm, thoughtful look on his face I decided then and there that I had to take a photo – this photo.

The reason why this simply black and white photo means so much to mean, is because seven months later, my day lost his battle to cancer and sadly passed away. 

This photo was taken just fours before we found out his cancer was back and, whilst it does stir up feelings of sadness, loss and despair – it also reinforces that saying that everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t decided to take my camera along with me that day I wouldn’t have this gorgeous photograph of a man that meant so much to me.

His photo proudly sits framed on my bedside table and it makes me smile every time I see it, it reminds me of the man he was, not the person cancer turned him into. And when I’m upset or wound up about something, it calms me down.

A photograph will never replace actually having my dad around, but I’m truly thankful that I have it.

Nali Boyce

Nali, as this piece reveals, works in production. Her favourite TV show is Sex and the City and she can recite The Little Mermaid word for word. In other Nali info, she is convinced that in a past life she was an Italian chef. Oh and one day she will own a cocker spaniel named Gatsby.

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