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#mixtape is a feature in which we ask someone to send in a playlist of ten tracks they’re enjoying at the moment and then get them to say a few things about each track. The idea being to see what we can gauge from someone’s music taste whilst listening to some cool tunes. We could go on about it a bit more but that’s about it really.

The colours of the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and a cool winter breeze is creeping up on me.

pepsi-max-a-christmas-story-from-snoop-dogg-600-89286As if hardwired into my DNA, this transition has sent a message directly to my brain: it is time to break out the hoodies and hip hop joints. Maybe it’s just me, but a smooth hip hop beat laid down over a jazz – or soul – inspired sample is my equivalent to a cup of coffee in the morning. It wakes me up and keeps me going. But it is also my equivalent to the cup of tea you have in the evening to relax you after a long cold day.

Here’s a couple songs that will definitely be repeatedly blasted from my speakers this fall and winter (much to the annoyance of my roommate who is a big fan of Skrillex…yeah, let’s not go there).

1. Slum Village – Get Dis Money

This head-nodder of a beat nearly breaks my neck every time I hear it. However, considering it was produced by the late J Dilla, I wouldn’t expect anything less. He is regarded by many producers as one of the most influential producers in the hip hop genre.

I can honestly recommend any track on the whole album that this track is on, Fantasic Vol. 2 (2000). If you’ve only got an extra minute or two, definitely check out the track titled Tell Me (feat D’Angelo).

Favourite lines:

When I was a young boy chilling in my daddy’s nuts

All I could hear was a rhyme and dope cuts

2. Blu & Exile – Maybe One Day (feat. Black Spade)

Blu is one of those artists who you might not necessarily hear on the radio, but is one that I’ve found to often have more meaningful lyrics than the typical bitches-money-weed mantra of commercial hip hop. Either way, the beat laid down by the producer Exile sets the right tone for a crisp autumn day. If this one from Blu didn’t do the trick though, check out his track titled Amnesia from the album Her Favorite Colo(u)r.

Favourite lines:

Started fasting on life

Peeping subtle stuff

I gave a bum a buck

Watch the kids double dutch

3. Erykah Badu – Fall in Love (Your Funeral)

The subtle sassiness and classiness of Ms. Badu comes out in this one. I mean, just look at the title of this song. Now, being the beat-nerd I am, I found out that part of the reason why this song sounds smooth is because it sampled Intimate Friends by Eddie Kendricks, one of the lead singers from The Temptations. If you dig Erykah Badu’s vibe check out the track Afro Blue (feat Erykah Badu) by the Robert Glasper Experiment.

Favourite lines:

You ain’t the worsest one I have done

But you’ll do, uh ’til he come

4. Panacea – Walk In The Park (Damu The Fudgemunk Remix)

Thought I’d sum this up with a classic boom-bap track, in which Panacea compares his experience with the woman he loves to a walk in the park. Feel free to listen to this one while walking in a park on your headphones. No one will know and you’ll feel the undeniable cliché-y-goodness that comes with it. But seriously, this is a solid track for autumn that definitely keeps my head nodding.

Favourite lines:

We think out loud to each other

We could talk soft and undiscovered

Quiet undetected tell the leaves to hush

The moments seen enough I sense a burning bush

Happy Autumn and a Merry Winter to everyone! Make sure to stay warm by jammin’ out to some hip hop.


Anonymous currently studies Economics and Finance at the University of Edinburgh however he is currently living it up in the States on exchange. He has a slightly unhealthy obsession with coleslaw and House of Cards but knows how to lay down a sick beat, producing his own music in his free time.

This #mixtape does not, as advertised, contain ten tracks. For that we apologise profusely.

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