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#streetstyle is a feature in which your friend and ours, Hannah Beer, stops, photographs and questions people about their outfits. The idea being to learn about people’s lives via their clothes. That and to look at some cool fashion.

For six years now, Alexandra Shulman and co at British Vogue have given fashion one great night out a year. Whilst in 2013 the event took place in Manchester, this year, on Tuesday the 23rd of September, Vogue brought it back to London, bringing people from fashion royalty to lowly bloggers such as myself out in their thousands to support the British high – and not-so-high – street.

Everywhere in the Oxford/Regent Street area took part, from House of Fraser to Burberry, playing host to celebrity DJs, fashion illustrators, Radley scottie dogs, and, of course, the country’s most stylish. I resisted the urge to spend the entire evening trying to steal the Radley dogs to go out and photograph some of my favourite outfits of the night.

Anna, 26CSC_0014

AnnaI saw Anna walking up from Bond Street and was transfixed by her skirt. Maybe it’s the eight year old ballerina wannabe in me, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve always wanted to recreate that outfit Carrie wears in the opening credits of Sex and the City, but there’s something about a tulle skirt that I find so completely mesmorising. Anna’s jacket, I knew, was from Zara, because I had tried it on the week before and looked like the Cookie Monster in it. The fact that Anna managed to look like an ice princess in it meant that I absolutely had to take her picture.

I chatted with Anna for a while, and  I found out that she had worked in a bank for six years before moving to London to study at Central Saint Martins. From the way she was speaking about the evening, and her influences – Miu Miu, Roksanda Illinic (who else?) – it was clear that she’d made a good choice in coming to study fashion.

Although she said the favourite thing she was wearing was her jacket, I couldn’t help but take a close up of the brooch she’d accessorised it with. When I asked her about it, she told me it was antique and an anniversary gift from her husband. Hats off to Anna’s husband – you have excellent taste.

Raya, 23

RayaOne of the great things about doing #streetstyle is that it makes it socially acceptable to walk up to complete strangers and ask them where an item of clothing they are wearing is from. This was something I was especially thankful for when I saw Raya walking past me in that incredible coat. Those of you who’ve read PTL’s #streetstyle before will recall that I have a thing for coats. When I was talking to Raya about her own personal style, she confirmed that she did too. *fashion pals*

Underneath her beautiful coat (from H&M Collection, for those of you wondering), she was wearing a plain black top and trousers; the coat was the statement piece. Whilst chatting, Raya mentioned that for her the cut of an outfit is what’s most important, and that she tends to favour androgynous, boxy shapes. *fashion pals for life*

I love focusing on the cut of an outfit too because it allows for more creativity elsewhere. In Raya’s case, her make up – it didn’t surprise me one bit when she said she was a make up artist. Apparently earlier on in the night she’d been wearing a turban, which made me so sad I hadn’t bumped into her earlier. But then, her hair was pretty impressive so I recovered from that fairly quickly.

*   *   *

There were several other outfits I snapped but obviously I couldn’t feature them all. I’ll leave you with Hussa, in one of the most incredible dresses I’ve ever seen, Lainy, an american dancer in some incredible Urban Outfitters trousers – and one of the Radley dogs.

ColllSeriously, how could I not?

Hannah Beer

Hannah B is the Editor of ART & FASHION at PTL. When not thinking about fashion, she can probably be found writing about feminism or tending to her fringe. Whilst deep down she’d like to be Audrey Hepburn when she grows up, she’s realised with age that this is a rather complicated aspiration. As such, she’ll probably try and pursue something in publishing.

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