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Hello, hola, bonjour.

For those of you new to the site – welcome. Have a read of our ABOUT page and get to know our TEAM if you want to know what PTL is all about. Prancercise and all that.

For those of you who have followed us for a while – welcome back. The TEAM page is new so check it out. If you visited us in August you will have noticed that our LITERATURE Editor Beci ‘the boss’ Moss managed to get hold of some press passes to the Edinburgh International Book Festival. This was a pretty big deal. Unfortunately I didn’t really acknowledge this until mid-way through the festival by which time Beci’s then full time summer job swamped her and our EdBookFest content stopped. Major apols for that. *dick in the corner avoids eye contact, stares at floor*

If you missed it, you can have a read of the pieces under our #edbookfest feature. Beci commissioned/wrote some super stuff, as did our FILM, THEATRE & TV Editor, Hannah Oliver. Holler. If you didn’t miss it, we did get the chance to see some other lovely people too, including Germaine Greer (talking about climate change – erm okay) and Alexander McCall Smith (just being his charming old self – I love this man) so pieces on them will hopefully appear as commentaries in due time. Stay with [us].

That didn’t really work – did it?

Now as I write this, I am in Brest (Brittany, France  – don’t worry I didn’t have a clue that it existed until a couple of months ago) on a year abroad. I’m writing this on my phone actually seeing as my laptop charger has just given up on me and everything in France is shut on a Sunday. I’m also tending to a broken bed because I thought it was a good idea to take a polaroid of 17 new friends together on said bed. This all sounds quite negative but Brest is lovely and the people in said polaroid are lovely too.

Here is the polaroid of said lovely people.

1475878_10203772789333687_2428990515854072366_nI digress.

Unfortunately I’m not the only one on a year abroad, Beci herself has just arrived in Guadeloupe and our ART & FASHION Editor Charlotte Dawnay is living it up in Paris. With this in mind both Beci and C Dawg (I will never use that nickname again) have decided to leave PTL to focus on their studies. Beci is teaching this year (and occasionally uploading stuff onto her personal site), whilst Charlotte is working for Adidas. So, whilst this is exciting and all, both of their presences will be dearly missed chez PTL. Just head over to the ART & FASHION and LITERATURE sections to see some of the brilliant stuff they both wrote and sourced for the site. Much love girls.

In slightly less sadface news, we will be back officially on October 13th (8 DAYS) with our old/new team. We’ve got some pretty exciting ‘personal’ content lined up too and new features so bear with. Topics will range from coming to terms with homosexuality in the Middle Eastern community to the perks of continuously changing one’s hairstyle. Plus the girl who came up with the Prancing Through LIFE name, Livi Prendergast, will be decorating our site with illustrations and the like in the near future. Check out her Facebook page here, if delightful illustrations are your thing.

In other exciting news, we have now got our own official Twitter and Instagram pages. Said pages will be helmed by all of us Editors, so follow away and see what anarchy divulges. This could be a bit of a train-wreck but should be enjoyable nonetheless. At least our team is peng if all goes tits up.

Team5To commemorate this sort of comeback we will be running a PRELAUNCH this week in which each Editor and Deputy Editor revisits their favourite past articles and gabs about them on social media. Head over to the FB page to see which pieces make the cut.

In the mean time, as our official comeback looms, I hope all is well with you wonderful readers. If you’re looking for some good online content over the next week, have a read of some Rookie – Tavi Gevinson always seems to make me happy (that wasn’t supposed to sound weird, please don’t take that weirdly). Share whatever you’re enjoying in life at the moment in the comments section below and, if you’re feeling a little off, maybe try having a prance. It can be quite therapeutic.

As per  usual we’re always on the look out for new contributors, so if you’re interested in writing something for PTL, contact us on prancingthroughlife@live.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Anyway that’s me – Sam – prancing in the middle of France.

Love and glitter,


N.B. – It should be noted that Brest is on the North-West coast of France, not in the middle.

Sam Prance

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