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#photographicmemory is a feature in which someone sends in a nostalgic photo of themselves and writes about it. It was created because sometimes you can find out more about a person by asking them to describe a photo than by asking them a ton of questions. It was also created because it’s nice to look at pretty photos.

photographic memoryChoosing this photo was one of the quickest decisions I’ve ever made. It popped straight into my head as my most memorable picture. To say that is pretty impressive; I’ve spent three years travelling across the globe and yet this image sticks out among them all.

Why? Well having considered it for a while – why Faye? what are you doing here? – I came to this conclusion. No matter where you go, no matter what you see, no matter who you meet, you will always have a special place for whatever and whoever you call home. For me this always comes back to my sister.

Ever since I can remember, I used to dress her up the same as me – mainly so that we could perform dance routines together. This photo reminds me of how carefree we were, how we had so much spare time and to fill all that time, we were happily each other’s entertainment. Or perhaps, she was mine. I can’t remember how much say she had in the bunchies and the blue hair mascara. 

Having said that, maybe she didn’t have much say in a lot of the things I wanted her to do. I was so so happy to have a baby sister to be my best friend that maybe I forgot that she had to be her own person too. You can see how happy she is here to be dancing around with her big sis, so grown up in matching bikini tops – but it doesn’t stay like that forever. 

While I was away, I always worried about not being there for her, to guide her (to tell her how to dress). Little did I know she was getting on fine without me, she couldn’t be any more capable of being her own person.

When I left home at 18, she was 11. When I returned to living at home, she was suddenly 16. She was pretty much the same age as me when I left. And I had no idea how she’d gotten there. I used to be her best friend. How did I not even know her new best friend? 

One of the reasons I was so excited to return home in 2013 was to see my sister grow up. To guide her, but this time, not to dress her the same. We have become completely different people and at the same time, have ended up looking like twins. (Yep, that’s right, I don’t mind looking 17.) I’m not sure that if I hadn’t been away for five years, we would have the same relationship as we have today.

I think you’re so lucky if you and your siblings are close.

Despite the seven year age gap, my sister and I are guaranteed best friends. 

Lucinda Plunkett

Lucinda Plunkett currently works at the Superdry Head Office in Cheltenham. Before surrendering her soul to traditional working life, Lucinda spent three years travelling, living in the likes of Australia and Kuala Lumpur. Her favourite film is Friends with Benefits – don’t judge – and in other Lucinda info, her family donned her the nickname Lucifer when she was a child – probably best not to ask why.

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