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#poetscorner is a feature in which PTL Editors find and ask up and coming writers to share their poetry with the internet. The idea being to bask in the glory of the written word. Oh dear…



Skipper in The Boat, frowning out of Skelter last

Winter Sun is cold, sour and ”You know-all” last


Winter, warmth wasn’t a word in use instead, ”Last!”

Last bread. Last water. Last fire. Last shelter. Last-last


Winter was it better than Last winter? Last-last

Winter at least we burnt the books at least fire lasts


At least you lasted Skipper, Dad, at least your last

Act fed the fire, at long last you won, at last


”Son, feed the boiler the boat. Sink her.” Last Winter

What we tasted never tasted last Summers’ fire.


Colm Summers

Colm Summers is a student of Drama and History of Art at Trinity College, Dublin. He is an arts kid. He fancies writer kids. Oh and he’s had more warm breakfasts than you’ve had warm breakfasts. 

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