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#streetstyle is a feature in which your friend and ours, Hannah Beer, skips around London stopping, photographing and questioning those she deems stylish. If you have noticed an Audrey Hepburn look-alike admiring your fashion it was probably Ms. Beer. It is also worth noting that the concept of street style is unique to Prancing Through LIFE. Copyright 2013.

#streetstyle is back! This week I’m in London and all is well in the world. The weather was warm and it wasn’t raining (practically tropical as far as UK standards go), and so hordes of tourists from every corner of the world descended onto Camden Lock. Nevertheless, Camden always allows the most stylish to stand out…

Sebastian, 19

Seen on Camden High Street


As someone whose Docs are effectively surgically attached to her feet, I can clock another pair from almost a mile away. Call it a special gift. So, naturally, I saw Sebastian’s feet first, and had already given him my seal of approval, which, upon looking up, I saw was justly given. Now, call me old fashioned, but I still think showing your ankles is dangerous territory. For girls, there’s the whole “I’ve got to make sure my legs are shaved even though I’m only showing about 3% of them” dilemma, and for guys, there’s always that worry that you might look like Louis from One Direction. Thankfully however, the Docs and black jeans combo neatly avoided this problem, as did the fact that Sebastian is wearing a coatigan – something I never believed would catch on (okay, I was wrong on this one) – and completely pulling it off. In fact, I now find myself wanting a coatigan so that I can recreate this exact outfit. Imitation is the best form of flattery and all that.

What does style mean to you?

Sebastian: I study fashion, so style is everything really. What I feel is how I dress.

Tash, 18

Spotted at Camden Lock Market


Tash was very surprised when I approached her and asked for her photo. She gave the impression that she didn’t think for a minute that she was “street style material”, but how wrong she was. I’d been looking at her jacket for quite some time before I went over and interrupted her conversation to take her photo, because I loved the collar of it. And, as anyone who knows me will confirm, I am obsessed with all things tartan and anything that looks like Cher from Clueless might have worn it (Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ video is obviously a dream come true for me), and so Tash’s dark tartan kilt was a deal maker. And her shoes, as it happens, I’ve been lusting after myself for months and months. For someone who claims she has no idea what style means to her, Tash sure knows how to put an outfit together.

What does style mean to you?

Tash: No idea!

Until next time, that’s all.

Hannah Beer

Hannah Beer is a student at University College London. She studies Italian and German. In her spare time Hannah enjoys eating red velvet cupcakes and banging on about feminism. When Hannah grows up she’d like to be Audrey Hepburn – this may prove difficult but let the haters hate. Hannah looks a lot like anyway Audrey Hepburn so she’s half way there.

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