Dare To Bare: Championing Bralessness

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Nipple nipple nipple. The word makes me squeamish. Like ‘supple’ and ‘moist’. But it’s on, guys.

I’ve been a (generous) B-cup now for many years of my life. In my experience as a girl allotted by society and the media to the ‘smaller-than-average’ box, I sometimes feel like I’m in a strong minority. Women with generous bosoms are given attention, and who the hell would deny them it? Huge cleavage = mad sex appeal (Have you heard of Kate Upton?) while any expanse of flat chest apologetically sidles out of the limelight. While the task of finding clothes for big busts is a notoriously tricky business, the same futile endeavours with fashion trends are encountered with those lacking, too. A fitted bandeau dress, though so cherished, can’t anchor on, and slides lamely down your oblate frame, for an example.


Let the balance be ‘redressed’.

Going braless on summer days or nights out is a big up for sex appeal. It implies the kind of girl who is totally spontaneous and carefree. Friends bring their passports and a change of clothes for a coffee date with that girl. Girls encumbered by underwiring and cutting straps eye her in the club enviously.

There are three approaches to this look. The hint of nips, the deep (deep) V-neck or a sheer top revealing the breast underneath. But, being cruel to be kind, these looks are difficult to pull off if you’re larger than a C. Done a la Rachel in Friends, your rack becomes more of a shock than a tease. And that’s not just for aesthetic reasons either. From what my friends tell me, it’s not comfortable to have massive tits sans bra in any situation that doesn’t involve the bedroom or shower.

No bra? No worries for peachy RosieTo the trends – Nips under a floaty camisole – yes please. Nips protruding under a chunky knit jumper however are disconcerting. The fabric doesn’t hang right and it’s like you are a child budding breasts for the first time. It literally just does not make sense as a look. Cold, erect nipples under a warm jumper? Something is wrong with your knitwear babe cos it clearly ain’t doing its job.

There is a difference between being playful and being overtly provocative. My advice (as that of Mr J. W. Anderson) is that the other half of your body remain pretty much covered (N.B. Skinny jeans or trousers ok. Don’t ask me why. It just works).This runs with the addition of loose shorts that can look equally chic.

The best nipple is one that isn’t visible from five miles away. It implies you’re either totally unaware or just uninterested that the sexiest part of you is hinting its presence to the world. The aim is for effortless cool.  Rosie Huntington-Whitely is ace at this. A crucial thing about this look is that you need a bare-minimal handful of confidence for it. Likewise, if you don’t think you can wear it without feeling the need to draw attention to your boobs every two minutes – Oh my god my boobs are All. On. Show!!! HOW embarrassing – probably give it a miss. You wanna play it cool, girls.

For me, the decision to go braless has given me a whole new meaning to the word ‘relief’, but more recently, a new-found nod of approval from the style ranks, which is a bonus. Hope you’ve got some ‘pointers’ from this, ladies.

Jessica Irving

Jessica Irving is 20 years old and she is currently in the process of completing a degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. She is of the belief that most people’s skin/life problems would be solved by a drinking a little bit more water and is also the proud owner of an extensive collection of hoop earrings. Medium sized ones to be precise.

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