An Ode to Marc Jacobs

In ART & FASHION, Commentary, HOME by Sam Prance

For sixteen years you brought us joy at Louis Vuitton,

now we’re ever so sad to see you gone.

You rocked the industry with your revitalising designs,

checkerboard chic to floral sublime.

In everyone’s eyes, you’re a fashion legend,

please don’t let this be the end.

Continue on with your own brand,

that’s always in such high demand.

To wear your designs is all we want to do,

Marc Jacobs, we love you.

Holly Wignall


Holly Wignall

Holly Wignall is a student at Edinburgh University. She studies History and Spanish. Her favourite Jacobs/Vuitton collection was that AW 2013 one with all the velvet. It may come as something of a shock to you but this is Holly’s first dabble in poetry. We also believe it may be her last; she thinks it might be difficult to top such literature. We agree.

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