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So Prancing Through LIFE launched a week ago today – which is quite exciting when you think about it. We’ve survived a week without everything going tits ups. In celebration of this and just the launch in general – we thought it would only be natural to hold a launch party. This was quite an audacious move but, then again, what’s the point in launching something if you don’t have the confidence to host a party to celebrate it. That and who doesn’t love a good drink and a dance.

Now, being students, this launch party could have very easily been mistaken for a flat party. And yes, in a sense it was but, in reality, it was so much more. Firstly there were posters of films, album covers, books, artworks – the whole shebang – thrown nonchalantly (always nonchalantly) across the walls. Secondly there was a burn book and pin the foam finger on Miley Cyrus. You don’t get pin the foam finger on Miley Cyrus at any party. And thirdly, among the folk, pop and hip-hop rooms – there was a wall. Not just any wall – not the graffiti wall nor the quote wall, which all existed in fairness – but a guest wall.

I suppose when you put it like that – ‘guest wall’ doesn’t very exciting does it – so I’ll explain it further. The guest wall was a wall on which there were polaroids of all the guests at the party and then next to their polaroid each guest wrote a combination of their favourite film, tv series, album and book. Below are some of the best:

PartyAnd that’s about it.

Sam Prance

Sam Prance is the editor of Prancing Through LIFE. He studies French and Italian at Edinburgh University. His favourite film is American Beauty and he has Madonna marathons far too often. He is currently writing this auto-bio in the third person. He will now stop writing this third person auto-bio in order to save himself some embarrassment. 

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