The Very Best Of Nina Simone – #alternateuniversealbum

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#alternateuniversealbum is a feature in which we get people to tell us which album they’d choose if they had to leave earth today and go to a brand new universe empty of our music. Would they choose something to comfort themselves or would they choose something to help whatever may live or come to live in this new universe.

The Very Best Of Nina Simone – Nina Simone

The+Very+Best+Of+Nina+SimoneYes, this is a “best of” album. And yes, that is probably a cop out as some of her best songs have been plonked together on one album which makes choosing just one album to take away much easier! But hey, it’s me that’s being hypothetically shot off to another universe alone so I think I’m allowed to be a little bit selfish and take all my favourites with me!

Why have I chosen this album? Well it will always put me in a good mood (and sometimes in a sleepy, soothed mood which might be good for getting to sleep scared and alone somewhere else). When I first get uprooted and sent to this mystery universe I would skip through to track 9 and play I Want A Little Sugar In Bowl. If I’m having a bad day and need something to relax me for 2 minutes and 32 seconds this is what I turn to (I assume that arriving in a new universe would be one of these moments!). The whole feel of the track is soothing and seductive and this version of it is (I think) my favourite version of the track (although this live version comes in close second just because Nina is such a babe!

When I am later regretting letting myself run off to another universe I would listen to Nobody’s Fault But Mine. The piano part on it is really lovely and the title explains pretty much why I would listen to it, although it should be called Nobody’s Fault But Mine (and Prancing Through LIFE). And finally, after I’ve been sad and lonely and listened to I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today and Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood I would put on Feeling Good and Here Comes The Sun and feel like everything’s all alright.

Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell is a student at Edinburgh College of Art. She studies Fine Art. In her spare time she eats stir fry a lot and blogs, although she should probably do that more often. Sparrow and Bear is her blog. Sarah is currently enjoying the television series Masters of Sex and pondering what her life would be like right now if she’d pursued a career in ballet.

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